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Rogerson Dance is incredibly excited to introduce to the studio a new ballet syllabus. We will be training all our dancers in Ballet Conservatoire, which is a classical ballet training and examination program that is based on Vaganova (the Russian method).

The ACB and its training and examination program aims to educate ballet students towards the requirements of the professional dance industry, through the development of a strong stable technique with the beauty of line, artistic quality, expressiveness and a professional attitude.


Lyrical is a beautiful and fluid dance form that combines the techniques of jazz, contemporary and ballet. Lyrical dance encourages students to express and reflect on the lyrics within a song and tell a story. This style is a great accompaniment to ballet classes as it teaches students how to use ballet techniques to extract meaning and emotion from dances.


Acrobatics is regularly used in the dance industry. It is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. This class teaches acro skills and tricks and includes safe and structured flexibility training.

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Jazz dance includes strength, flexibility and conditioning technique and progressions including turns, kicks and leaps. In a jazz class the dancers learn combinations that can be combined into a routine for our end of year showcase. It is a wonderful high energy class to get a well rounded variety of dance steps.


Rogerson Dance Studios was invited Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid movement creating shapes and with a focus on technique, contemporary dance combines the strong and controlled legwork of ballet with unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction. It is also a style that acro skills can be developed and transfered into dance. perform at the Dancer's Directive to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries

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In her International Dance Technique program, Lucy Ellis covers stretching for square alignment, conditioning and strength training, break down of technical elements such as kicks, turns and jumps, technique combos and new dance skills to give that extra edge at auditions and competitions.

Lucy’s style is unique. She is strongly grounded in all the traditional dance techniques but she teaches in a relaxed encouraging way that is highly motivational.

This class is taught by Lucy via Zoom and face-to- face when she is in Sydney.


Strength and conditioning training is vital to create healthy and fit dancers. This class ensures stamina, stability and flexibility are developed in a safe environment to enhance dance training.


This is a low impact class combining stretch and pilates elements which focus on muscles and increases flexibility, coordination, muscular endurance and control.


Character dance classes compliments classical ballet technique, builds up stamina and helps students to learn coordination. Students will also develop a greater awareness and appreciation for different musical styles and rhythms.

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Pre-point classes are offered to ballet students who are not yet on pointe to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe. Pre-pointe classes stress correct alignment and correct classical ballet technique. Pre-pointe classes also allow teachers to assess readiness, offering an atmosphere for proper evaluation of important skills.


Our Friday hour and a half recreational class is ideal for kids of all ages who just want to dance for fun and fitness. All styles are covered including jazz, ballet, lyrical and contemporary. Drop- in/pay-as-you-go classes are available or register for full terms. Recreational classes can be taken along with other studio classes except Performance Team. Students are able to perform in mid-year and/or end of year studio concert if they would like to - not compulsory.

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Pointe class is the part of classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work, in which a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet. Pointe work is performed while wearing pointe shoes. 


Our Triple Threat Musical Theatre dance class teaches students character exploration. They will be taught how to act out a character whist performing a dance routine and singing along to the soundtrack. Students will also learn to sharpen their dance skills so that they can land dance roles in community and school theatre productions and ultimately prepare them for a professional career if that is something they aspire to attain. Each week they will focus on a different musical new and old.


In this tap class students train their musical ear as well as their body. Tap dancers use the metal taps on the toes and heels of their shoes to produce an endless variety of sounds and rhythms that differ in dynamics and even pitch. Students will learn combinations and progressions and develop tap technique.

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On the first Saturday of each month, Rogerson Dance are excited to introduce from 2022 a one and a half hour Mystery Class. A respected industry guest choreographer will be invited to the studio to teach the students a combo. Styles will vary but will be based on what the students learn in class. These classes will improve the students in picking up choreography and are so much fun.

Sometimes the "mystery" will be the style of class, be surprised by a composition or choreography lesson.


Students learn routines to perform in competitions, community events and for studio performances. Camaraderie, team-work and performance skills are just some of the things students gain from these opportunities.

Please see the Performance Team page for more information.

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