As a leading ballet school in the Sydney area, we provide a wide range of ballet classes to extend the knowledge and technique of our students. At Rogersons we teach the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. The RAD is one of the most influential ballet education organisations in the world. We provide extra classes including:


Discovering Repertoire 

Discovering Repertoire is a classical ballet performance programme. The programme includes well-known classical repertoire, meaning students will learn and dance choreography that they have seen on stage, set to music they know and love.

(ages 12+)


Free Enchantments

Stemming from the higher level RAD ballet syllabus, this class helps students gain confidence for their RAD ballet exams in the unseen section of the syllabus. This is where the examiner names certain ballet steps and the student is to apply this and perform it to music. This class is a practice for our students and allows them to gain confidence in their ballet terminology and knowledge. It is also exciting and dynamic as it branches away from set exercises.


Pointe and Ballet technique

At Rogersons, we strongly believe that good technique is the foundation of safe dance and performance. This paired with performance quality is what sets us apart from other studios. Through this specialised class, we work closely with our students to develop correct and strong ballet technique as well as developing pointe technique in order to strengthen and develop our students performance.


Contemporary and Lyrical dance are considered the styles of emotion and are the most recognised styles today. We have a range of classes for a wide range of ages. We have had much success in company placement at Rogersons which can be viewed in our News tab, and with the dedicated and enthusiastic teachers at our studio, we make contemporary and Lyrical classes fun and explorative for our students. Some lessons also focus on improvisation tips and tricks.


At Rogersons, we encourage our students to take part in our stretch and conditioning classes to further benefit their dancing progression. These classes focus on strength and flexibility which we believe also greatly benefits our students technique, safe dance practice and develops healthy habits in life. These classes is also a great motivation as students are able to stretch with a large group of friends and set goals together.


We provide the chance for our students to perform on stage at competitions from ages 10/u to 14/u. We perform in a wide range of styles and provide any student who wishes to participate the chance to experience dancing on a stage. We compete at local dance competitions as well as perform at school fetes, local festivals and community events. This allows for our students to gain wide exposure and also develops soft skills such as cooperation, adaptation, team work and discipline. With a “no-audition” policy, we aim to maintain a fun and respectful environment for our students. For any students who wish, they may also organise private lessons to learn a solo which they can compete with at eisteddfods. 


We provide tap lessons for students of a wide age range. These lessons focus on recreational and commercial tap, technique, and improvisation skills. This style provides students with a motivational drive to strive for something (especially with mastering a new skill), satisfaction when accomplishing goals, improves coordination and musicality as well as provides students with a fun and inclusive environment. At Rogersons, we don’t do tap exams however, we do teach skills from the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus and the Babyballet tappers program. 

Commercial JAZZ and heels

Jazz classes at our studio are recreational and provide students with time to explore and celebrate jazz dance through dancing to their favourite songs and discovering their own personal style. Students follow a lesson that includes corner work and learning combinations (which comes in handy to show off to their friends at birthday parties). Our jazz classes are available for a wide range of ages and are a time for students to loosen up and have fun.


We have one dance acrobatics class for students who have the desire to learn some impressive tricks. Although not a gymnastics style class, students are able to learn with guidance some amazing skills with their friends.