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"Most professional ballet companies give classes in the Russian style because of its acknowledged strength and performing quality, it is therefore more logical to teach students this method from the early stages right through their training years."
- Christine Walsh AM 

Rogerson Dance is incredibly excited to introduce to the studio a new ballet syllabus. We will be training all our dancers in Ballet Conservatoire, which is a classical ballet training and examination program that is based on Vaganova (the Russian method).

Over the many years that the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB) syllabus has been taught, they has developed an excellent reputation for strong ballet training, offering an intensive professional coaching program with students benefiting from the most up-to-date methods in order to be fully prepared for the current requirements of dance companies worldwide.

The ACB and its training and examination program aims to educate ballet students towards the requirements of the professional dance industry, through the development of a strong stable technique with the beauty of line, artistic quality, expressiveness and a professional attitude.

The Russian method is what the majority of professional classical companies use and learning this method from a young age builds a strong base of pure classical technique.

The ACB syllabus masters the fundamentals first and waits till a students body is strong enough to perform certain steps and focus on engaging correct muscles based on ability and age group.

Having trained many dancers over the years, Rogerson Dance Studio gives each student the opportunity to pursue a career in the arts. Whilst we have been loyal to the RAD coaching, we are finding as the classical world is becoming more global, some of the RAD terminology isn't as universal and although the dance quality and movement within the RAD is beautiful, the terminology is making it not as transferable for students moving onto a professional level.

It is important that as a studio we are preparing our students from as early as five years old to be well equipped with the best tools and training to keep them free from injury and learning what they will need later in life. It is important that we stay in tune with the industry and the direction it is heading and we have found that the leading professional training schools and companies base their training on this methodology.

Our faculty are highly qualified in RAD and as a studio we will still be able to offer the RAD Syllabus to students who wish to move through the RAD levels and complete exams. We will focus on continuing the syllabus for vocational level students (Intermediate Foundation and up) who already have a strong foundation in this training and wish to complete exams. We will offer this alongside the new ACB Syllabus.

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